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► How Content Marketing Can Boost Your Product’s Sales On Amazon

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► How Content Marketing Can Boost Your Product’s Sales On Amazon

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► How Content Marketing Can Boost Your Product’s Sales On Amazon

Number four, step number four is taking that data and the information we’ve already received and now this is where you can create some helpful content. This is where a blog comes in handy or a website. Then you can start posting ‘how to’s’ because now you know what your market is using it for or using the products for or struggling with.

[00:18:03] Scott: Now you can answer those questions and if it’s not you, you find the answers for them and you put them on this resource. Frequently asked questions, that’s another section that should be on that blog or that website. Again, knowing what the frequently asked questions are is by you doing the research and then understanding that market.

Using Google, again using the Google keyword planner tool to see what people are searching for. You can see the search volume there, you can see how competitive it is if you’re going to do any ads for it. Another great tool from my good buddy, Spencer Haws is Longtail Pro from nichepursuits.com. Another great resource to learn a little bit more about figuring out the different long tail keywords that people are searching for because it’s easier for you to then rank these but also it gives you a little bit more precise search terms that people are looking for.

Again, remember if we’re just putting garlic press up and we get ranked for it or we get people that find us, that’s great but what if we had stainless steel garlic press, six inches. If we had that one and we knew it had good volume and then we were able to target that precisely, it’s going to be that much more related to that search and then that person that’s looking for it is going to say, “That’s exactly what I was looking for.” It’s so much more relevant rather than just garlic press.

That would be going and using a tool like Long Tail Pro or just using Google planner, Merchant Words is another one you can play around with. There’s a few of them out there. You could also hire a VA, a Virtual Assistant. Go to Upwork.com and say, “Hey, I want you to go and look into this market for me, I want you to find the top 10 questions that are asked and I want you to also find 10 things that they should know that they’re not asking in this market.” That’s all you want that VA to do.

[00:20:01] Scott: You might spend $100, $200, maybe even 300 bucks to have that done but it’s going to be so worth it because that can also help you create content. Now if you’re able to get that content created, now you have different resources that people are going to be able to find, they’re going to be able to use and then from there it’s going to help them want to buy through you through that process. You’re not just saying, “Hey, I sell this, buy this.”

It’s like if you sell guitar accessories and you’re just like, “Here I sell guitar straps.” If you had lessons teaching your ideal customer how to play certain songs that that customer is into or certain chords or certain exercises and then you have guitar straps that you sell, there’s a better chance of them buying through you because you’ve given them value. It’s just the way it works.

That’s another, just a little tip there for you but Amazon pay-per-click data, if you’ve already been selling a product in this market, you’ve got that data. You’re going to have some there and that’s a great place to start because then you can kind of say, “Wow, there’s a ton of information, a ton of impressions around these search terms. I should probably create some content around them because then I could also get found on Google or Bing or Yahoo as I’m punching this out,” or if you get people in on an email sequence, you can then give them this information and that helps them along in this sales process, in creating your sales channel.

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