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✅GoHighLevel Tutorial✅ How To Add Pop-Up Messages To Generate Traffic, Leads, and Sales

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✅GoHighLevel Tutorial✅ How To Add Pop-Up Messages To Generate Traffic, Leads, and Sales


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In this GoHighLevel tutorial, I show you how to add simple pop up messages to your GoHighLevel SaaS product, membership area, or just your overall website in order to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.
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Time Stamp ⌛
0:00 Intro
1:20 How I’m using pop-up messages in my SaaS agency
2:35 Different pop-up message strategies
4:40 PushAlert setup and overview
6:47 How to create a pop-up message campaign in PushAlert
13:15 Conclusion
I actually got this idea from GoHighLevel.

I noticed that sometimes when I login, a message pops up, asking me to take a survey, give feedback, register for a live event, or it’s just a notification about something they’ve changed.

For me, this is a great way to keep clients up-to-date with changes, new features, or just anything new with your product or service.

Unfortunately, GoHighLevel currently doesn’t have a pop-up message feature that we can use that displays on the dashboard when clients login.

Luckily, I found PushAlert!

It’s a simple pop-up message / web push notification tool that allows you to add pop-ups to just about anything you have inside of GoHighLevel, including your SaaS product if you have one.

Not only is this a great way to let your clients know about new features and updates, it’s also a fantastic way to use the current traffic you’re getting and current clients you already have, to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

By simply adding a button to the pop-up message, you can link it out to whatever web page you want:

✅ Optin form
✅ Webinar registration page
✅ A piece of content you want people to see
✅ Joining a Facebook group
✅ And so much more

So I highly recommend getting this implemented in your agency ASAP because this is one of those little things that doesn’t take a lot of time to setup, but can create very big results.

Hope this helps!

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