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✅GoHighLevel Tutorial✅ The Complete Guide To Email Marketing In GoHighLevel

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✅GoHighLevel Tutorial✅ The Complete Guide To Email Marketing In GoHighLevel


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Time Stamp ⌛
0:00 Intro
1:20 Using GoHighLevel LC Email
4:30 Verifying lists before you import them into GoHighLevel
7:38: Warming up and maintaining good email reputation
9:05 Using the correct from and sender email address
12:35 GoHighLevel DND email automation workflow
15:04 My email marketing strategy
18:00 Conclusion
In this GoHighLevel training, I provide a complete guide to email marketing using GoHighLevel.

I’ve made a lot of tutorials about email marketing with regards to GoHighLevel, but wanted to put it all together in one video guide so you have everything you need to successfully enable effective email marketing with GoHighLevel.

There are some keys steps, tips, and even certain GoHighLevel features that make email marketing so much easier, cost effective, and impactful when it comes to following up with leads.

So make sure you watch this one until the end because there are some important tips that could have a big impact on your email marketing results.

Hope it helps!

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