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✅GoHighLevel Tutorial✅How To Get More SaaS Clients With SaaS Product Bonuses

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✅GoHighLevel Tutorial✅How To Get More SaaS Clients With SaaS Product Bonuses


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In this GoHighLevel tutorial, we talk about how to get more SaaS agency clients by adding simple, yet powerful bonuses to your SaaS product. Adding the right bonuses to your SaaS product offer makes your SaaS product much more valuable and harder to cancel.
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Time Stamp ⌛
0:00 Intro
2:16 SaaS bonus 1 – Funnels and websites
5:48 SaaS bonus 2 – Email and text follow up campaigns
7:35 SaaS bonus 3 – Automations
9:50 SaaS bonus 4 – Ad campaigns
11:25 SaaS bonus 5 – Social media posts
12:58 SaaS bonus 6 – Marketing flyers and business cards
14:32 SaaS bonus 7 – Database reactivation campaigns
16:45 SaaS bonus 8 – Live onboarding calls
17:49 SaaS bonus 9 – Ongoing training
19:09 Conclusion
Everything I share in this video is what I currently do with my own SaaS product to both get and retain more SaaS clients.

This is based on feedback I’ve received from my SaaS clients and the results they get from using it.

So for me, the key to getting and retaining more SaaS clients is providing so much value with your SaaS product, that it becomes a no-brainer to purchase.

Unfortunately, many SaaS agency owners offer the bare minimum.

They offer business owners basic reputation management, a funnel builder, website chat widget, 2 way messaging, etc.

And while these things are awesome and get results, if you really want to build a successful SaaS agency with clients that love your SaaS product and rarely cancel, then you have to provide much more.

I’m talking about adding pre-made funnels and websites, automations, social media posts, and more.

I’m not saying you have to add everything I show you in this video to your SaaS product.

But I am saying that you need to dive deeper into what will actually help your SaaS clients get better results, faster.

If you can give them what they need to crush it in their business, then you will crush it in your own.

So take a couple of the bonuses from this video and get them into your own SaaS product ASAP.

I promise it will make a huge difference.

Hope this helps!

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