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➡️ How To Make Your GoHighLevel SaaS Product Twice As 💰Valuable💰 Using Custom Values

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➡️ How To Make Your GoHighLevel SaaS Product Twice As 💰Valuable💰 Using Custom Values


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If you want to make your GoHighLevel SaaS product that much more valuable and make sure you get more customers and less cancellations, you definitely want to be using custom values. GoHighLevel custom values allow you to create pre-made content that your customers can very quickly and very easily customize to their own business.
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Time Stamp ⌛
0:00 Intro
1:08 How I’m using GoHighLevel Custom Values
3:06 Creating your GoHighLevel Custom Values
5:23 Putting Custom Values in the GoHighLevel Email Builder
8:45 Creating the Logo image Custom Value
10:40 Creating custom link Custom Values
12:30 Using Custom Values in GoHighLevel Workflows
What this allows you to do is create more assets, more content inside of your GoHighLevel SaaS product that is very valuable to your customers.

The more valuable your SaaS product is to your customers, the less likely they are to cancel, which means more revenue every month.

For my SaaS product, I’m using GoHighLevel custom values to create long-term email follow up campaigns that are designed to help my customers convert more of their leads into appointments and eventually clients.

For me, having access to 30, 50, 100+ pieces of follow up content specifically for their industry means they are much less likely to cancel.

Why would they? They wouldn’t just lose the CRM, the funnels, etc. But they would also lose a year’s worth of follow up content that could very well bring them tens of thousands of dollars in client sales or more.

I’m actually writing most of the emails I”m going to be putting in my GoHighLevel SaaS product at the moment, but you could easily hire a virtual assistant or maybe even go into the GoHighLevel Marketplace to see if they have a follow up campaign project you can buy!

Either way, putting together powerful follow up content to help your customers close more clients can be a huge game-changer and skyrocket the value of your SaaS product in the eyes of your customers.

Hope this was helpful!

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