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➡️ How To Start a GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Part 2 ☑️ Building a Great SaaS Product

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➡️ How To Start a GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Part 2 ☑️ Building a Great SaaS Product


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Part 2 of this GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Course is about how to build a great SaaS product that clients will never want to cancel. Fortunately, GoHighLevel makes it very easy to build a SaaS product that delivers incredibly results to your clients, ultimately leading to fewer cancellations (lower churn rates).
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Time Stamp ⌛
0:00 Intro
1:20 Getting your SaaS clients immediate results
3:45 Having a SaaS client members training area
9:13 SaaS product feature requests
10:28 Pre-made funnels and follow-up campaigns
13:40 Regular SaaS product updates and new features
16:28 Offering a monthly bonus SaaS feature
17:55 Conclusion
Creating a great SaaS product with GoHighLevel comes down to knowing what your target audience really needs.

It ultimately solves one of their biggest problems, usually lead generation and/or lead conversion.

If you can build a SaaS product that helps them solve at least one (ideally both) of those problems, then you are on your way to creating a SaaS product that will absolutely dominate your industry.

It will also ensure a much lower cancellation or churn rate for your SaaS product since it will be so valuable to your SaaS clients that it becomes nearly impossible to cancel.

If they cancelled, they would lose a significant portion of business every month since your SaaS product would no longer be helping them get new customers.

This is exactly what I do with my own GoHighLevel SaaS product.

First, I give all of my SaaS clients access to the members training area which teaches them multiple different lead generation strategies specifically for their industry.

From there, I give them everything they need to convert the leads they generate into actual appointments and eventually clients.

This comes in the form of pre-made funnels, email and text follow-up campaigns, lead management pipelines, etc.

Because my SaaS product gives them everything they need to generate and convert more leads, it becomes difficult to cancel because it literally helps provide the most important thing in their business: Leads.

At the end of the day, building a SaaS marketing agency is an awesome business to do.

But to be successful, you have to actually create a product that is truly going to benefit your target audience and give them the result you promise.

So create a great SaaS product and you’re halfway there!

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