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➡️ How To Start a GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Part 3 ☑️ Creating Your Marketing Assets

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➡️ How To Start a GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Part 3 ☑️ Creating Your Marketing Assets


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Part 3 of this GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Course is about how to create your SaaS marketing assets. These include things like the free lead magnet you will offer to generate leads, creating your free demo video that shows how your SaaS product works, your automated SaaS funnel, and the email follow-up sequence you should have.
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Time Stamp ⌛
0:00 Intro
1:30 Creating your free lead magnet
3:52 Creating your free SaaS demo video
7:23 Creating your SaaS Agency funnel
18:22 Automated SaaS Agency email follow-up
23:40 Conclusion
Creating your SaaS marketing agency assets is a very important part of building a successful SaaS agency with GoHighLevel.

These are the things that are going to generate and convert your leads into actual SaaS clients.

The first asset is the free lead magnet that you offer to prospects.

This lead magnet can be a masterclass, a webinar, an ebook…whatever you think will be best and have the most impact in your niche.

Personally, I like offering some type of video because it tends to convert much better than any other lead magnet I’ve used.

The key is to make sure your lead magnet is indirectly selling your SaaS product.

It should teach prospects something valuable that they can use on their own in their business, but also sells your SaaS product.

Next is your free SaaS product demo.

Some SaaS agency owners do one-on-one SaaS demo calls, which is fine.

But for me personally, I like offering a free demo recording that people can opt into and watch at their own leisure.

There’s no pressure for them, it saves time in my agency, it’s a win-win.

Of course you should have a call-to-action to sign up to your SaaS product on the demo video page.

Next is your SaaS agency funnel.

GoHighLevel has a fantastic drag-and-drop funnel builder and makes it very easy to build your SaaS marketing agency funnel.

They even have really good templates you can use to get started.

You’ll need a funnel that offers your free lead magnet, one that offers your free demo via your sales page, and one that books onboarding calls.

Lastly, you will need your automated email follow-up.

Email is still my #1 source of new agency clients.

When done correctly, it works incredibly well at converting leads into actual clients.

In this video, I show you the exact type of emails and email design I use in my own SaaS marketing agency in GoHighLevel that is working very well right now.

So get these things built and go start exploding your SaaS agency guys!

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