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➡️ How To Start a GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Part 4 ☑️ How To Get SaaS Clients

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➡️ How To Start a GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Part 4 ☑️ How To Get SaaS Clients


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Part 4 of this GoHighLevel SaaS Marketing Agency Course is about how to get more SaaS clients. I share some awesome SaaS client prospecting strategies that I’m using right now and plan to use in the near future that are working really well for my SaaS agency right now.
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0:00 Intro
1:30 Facebook group prospecting for SaaS clients
6:10 SaaS client Affiliate Partnerships
8:20 Getting SaaS clients with Facebook ads
16:13 Conclusion
In this video, I share the exact prospecting strategies I’m using right now and will be using very soon to generate leads and acquire new SaaS clients.

The first prospecting strategy I’m using right now to get new SaaS clients is my Facebook Group Prospecting strategy.

It is absolutely crushing it, works on complete auto-pilot, and is very cost effective.

It essentially gives you a Prospecting Virtual Assistant for less than your monthly cable bill.

My next strategy for getting SaaS clients is going to be Strategic Affiliate Partnerships.

I already have an affiliate program setup for my SaaS product which is what is going to allow me to reach out and connect with potential affiliate partners with large lists of my ideal prospects.

These partners have hundreds if not thousands of my ideal prospects that can allow me to potentially skyrocket my SaaS business overnight.

Do this right and you could have a 6 figure income very quickly.

Finally, my third SaaS client acquisition strategy is using Facebook ads.

Once you have a solid foundation, you know your SaaS funnel works, your direct outreach is getting SaaS clients, etc. then you can move on to Facebook ads.

Using Facebook ads to grow your SaaS agency can literally throw fuel on the fire if you have the right lead magnet, offer, funnel, and follow-up systems in place.

Enjoy the video and I hope it helps take your SaaS marketing agency to the next level!

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