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🌿🌿5 Antiviral Herbs That Boost Immune System Naturally 🦠 Fight Off Viruses

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🌿🌿5 Antiviral Herbs That Boost Immune System Naturally 🦠 Fight Off Viruses

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👍 The best antiviral herbs that boost your immune system naturally. Compromised immune systems can be fatal if the coronavirus takes hold.

With all the fear of catching the new coronoavirus, we are not hearing nearly enough about how to boost your immune system naturally with antiviral herbs to have the best immune response to, not only the coronavirus, but anything that will compromise you immune system. This includes doing your best to fight off any pathogens including the flu or, even, the common cold.

This video educates on 5 natural antiviral herbs that you can start using now to strengthen your immune system.

As a disclaimer, please be advised that this is an informational video only, and is in no way to be considered medical advice. Also, the statements in this video have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

AMAZON links to antiviral herbs to boost the immune system naturally that are mentioned in the video:

1. Goldenseal extract ►
Supporting your immune system naturally with a good goldenseal extract. Extracts are easily absorbed liquids which engage taste and smell to help your body recognize and use the herbs present in the extract.  In other words, extracts increase bio-availability to get the most out of herbal medicine.

2.Turmeric ►
Several animal research studies have shown this natural antiviral herb to be beneficial in supporting immune health to boost the immune system. Turmeric works best in the body when taken with black pepper. Look for a supplement that has black pepper along with 200 milligrams of turmeric.

3. Licorice Root ►
Licorice root has the natural immune-boosting properties of glycyrrhizic acid. Himalaya Organic Licorice uses a combination of organic Licorice root powder and organic Licorice root extract.

4.Astragalus Tea ►
Supplements are available as capsules and liquid extracts and you can also enjoy as a natural immunity herbal tea.

5. Olive leaf ►
Olive leaf extract is said to be a powerful tool in the fight to kill viruses. These capsules standardized to 6 to 10 percent oleurpein. The recommended dose is 500 mg daily to fight an existing bacterial or viral infection.

►►►► I can’t believe I left out Echinacea!!! ►► So I did a video on just that, of course!

📔 For full information and reference links to studies, go to

While there are no known studies at this time demonstrating the effectiveness of any antiviral herbs for Coronavirus (COVID-19). As is the case with any medication or dietary supplement, please consult with a certified healthcare professional to see if  herbal medicine is right for you.

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