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🔥 GoHighLevel Tutorial ✅ My Top 5 GoHighLevel Workflow Automations

by admin
🔥 GoHighLevel Tutorial ✅ My Top 5 GoHighLevel Workflow Automations

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In this GoHighLevel tutorial, I go through my top 5 GoHighLevel workflow automations that help generate and convert more leads. These automations are all created inside the GoHighLevel Workflow Builder and are very easy to setup, yet also extremely powerful.
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Time Stamp ⌛
0:00 Intro
1:12 GoHighLevel Workflow Automation #1 – Email Open/Click
7:12 GoHighLevel Workflow Automation #2 – Testimonials/Referrals
10:53 GoHighLevel Workflow Automation #3 – In Processing
12:36 GoHighLevel Workflow Automation #4 – Appointment confirmation and reminders
16:32 GoHighLevel Workflow Automation #5 – Appointment No Show
18:30 Conclusion
The GoHighLevel workflow builder is by far one of the most powerful features that GoHighLevel offers.

It makes it incredibly easy to build out very powerful automations that can make a huge impact in your marketing and help convert more leads.

What I show you in this video are just a few of the workflow automations I’ve built out in GoHighLevel specifically for my SaaS product.

The great thing about these automations is how easy it is for my clients to use them.

All you have to do is move a prospect into a certain stage of your pipeline, and the workflow automation gets triggered.

This makes it much easier to follow-up with prospects as they progress through your sales cycle.

Ideally, you want to have a workflow automation for every stage of your sales process, even if it’s just a simple email.

Other automations I build in GoHighLevel include workflows for wrong numbers, prospects who have been approved but have stopped answering phone calls, and basic long-term email and text follow-up campaigns.

With GoHighLevel, there is no limit to the amount of workflow automations you can put in place to help you stay in front of your prospects.

So get them setup ASAP so you can start closing more deals.

Hope this helps!

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