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🔥 My 3 Brand New GoHighLevel Workflow Automations For My SaaS Product

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🔥 My 3 Brand New GoHighLevel Workflow Automations For My SaaS Product


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In this GoHighLevel tutorial, I show you 3 brand new GoHighLevel Workflow Automations that I recently added to my SaaS product. These were actually requested automations from my current SaaS clients and I’ve received really good feedback on them so far. Plus they’re very easy to setup using the GoHighLevel Workflow Builder.
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0:00 Intro
0:48 GoHighLevel Workflow Automations Breakdown
3:24 GoHighLevel Workflow Automation #1 – Not Contacted
6:35 GoHighLevel Workflow Automation #2 – Not Interested
9:12 GoHighLevel Workflow Automation #3 – Application Sent
10:50 GoHighLevel Workflow Automation Removals
12:27 Conclusion
These 3 additional GoHighLevel workflow automations I recently added to my SaaS product are a great way for either you and/or your clients to automatically follow up with prospects and close more deals.

One of the best parts is that they are easy to create using the GoHighLevel Workflow Builder AND they’re easy to trigger as well, making them very user-friendly.

You simply add prospects to a certain stage in your pipeline and the workflow automation gets triggered.

The first workflow automation in this video is for prospects you haven’t been able to get on the phone.

Can be frustrating, especially when prospects request a call.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re not interested and wouldn’t take the next step of your sales process on their own.

So this workflow automatically follows up and sends them to the next step in your funnel to get them moving forwards.

The second workflow is for prospects who are not interested or qualified right now, but want you to follow up every couple of months.

This doesn’t replace calling your prospects to follow up!

But it definitely helps make sure you stay in front of them every couple of months. You never when they’ll be ready to move forward!

Finally, the third workflow focuses on prospects you sent an application, proposal, etc. to but you haven’t heard or received anything back.

This is designed to get you back on the phone with the prospect to answer questions and/or walk them through the process yourself to close the deal.

I highly recommend you implement these 3 GoHighLevel Workflow Automations into your agency ASAP!

They can mean the difference between closing a deal and not.

Hope this helps!

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