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🗑♻️ Why Your Facebook Advertising Sucks! Why your Facebook ads are not working

by admin
🗑♻️ Why Your Facebook Advertising Sucks! Why your Facebook ads are not working

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Most Advertising Is Waste.
Some people might believe that lowering advertising costs 80% while maintaining the same level of sales volume or conversions is impossible, but the problem is actually a lot more simple than you might think.

The reality is a majority of small businesses working with ad and marketing agencies are running campaigns with tremendous amounts of waste that are BURNING CASH and eating away at profit-margins. I’m actually very surprised that a lot of businesses are EVEN ABLE TO SURVIVE.

If they don’t change their ways, they’ll likely be out of business soon.
I’ve been able to improve advertising-efficiency in many campaigns and compagnies (doing well over $10MM+ of annual revenue) by numbers like: 489% and 353% in short periods of time by simply doing the following:
1. Identifying waste & eliminating it.
2. Doubling down on the most most profitable segments.

Imagine every dollar spent in adverting divided into a pie. One piece is “conversions” the other piece is “waste”. Waste is just money that was spent with nothing to show for it. An ad shown to someone unnecessarily, a campaign that kept running for a days or months or years too long.

What percentage of advertising reaches your intended the goal? Almost always the number will be well under 10%… probably a fraction of percent will create a behavior that will result in a positive a return for you.

The efficiency game is simple: identify the piece of the pie where the probability is highest to create positive returns and then cut out the rest of pie. Leave the slice of the pie that is useful, and progressively eliminate the slice that is just “waste”. After all is said and done, the improvements could result in extreme returns.

If you think this is to good to be true, it’s not. The process is so simple, but it’s not necessarily easy. Ad platforms are doing everything they can get as much cash from you as they can. This includes withholding information, giving improper guidance, encouraging reckless behavior.
I bet there’s at least a dozen techniques you’re not using right now in your marketing process, that would easily DOUBLE YOUR MARKETING EFFICIENCY.


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