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😎 GoHighLevel Success Strategy Session With Shaun Clark ✅ GoHighLevel SaaS Strategies

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😎 GoHighLevel Success Strategy Session With Shaun Clark ✅ GoHighLevel SaaS Strategies

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AWESOME interview with Shaun Clark from GoHighLevel as he shares some powerful strategies for growing your marketing agency using the incredible power of the GoHighLevel software, specifically with the GoHighLevel SaaS mode.
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Time Stamp ⌛

0:00 Shaun Clark from GoHighLevel intro
4:00 GoHighLevel overview
9:08 Agency SaaS vs. big SaaS companies
12:35 Planning your own SaaS product
18:00 Using the GoHighLevel marketplace to build and grow your SaaS product
21:00 Basic SaaS features you can offer that get big results for clients
25:25 SaaS add-ons and bonuses to sell more of your SaaS product
31:00 Strategies for growing your SaaS company
35:11 Best ways to sell your SaaS product
38:53 Upcoming GoHighLevel updates + Eliza AI Appointment Booking Bot
46:15 Q&A
Not sure I could have asked for a better interview.

Shaun brought an incredible amount of value to us by sharing some of his best tips and strategies for building and growing an Agency SaaS company using GoHighLevel.

SaaS mode is without question the best way to grow a digital marketing agency right now and for well into the future.

Having a SaaS product in your agency in addition to your done-for-you services allows you to build a massive amount of monthly recurring revenue, even if clients cancel your done-for-you services.

The best part is that creating your own SaaS product for your agency is incredibly easy.

I was originally turned off to the idea of SaaS because I thought it was going to be much more complicated.

Nope. With GoHighLevel, it’s not even close.

In fact, you don’t have to do much more than you’re already doing for clients right now. Actually, you will probably do less!

The reason is because everything you do inside of GoHighLevel for clients, you can simply turn on SaaS mode and boom, you now have a SaaS product you can sell every month.

It’s that easy.

So I’m super excited to dive more into SaaS mode and finish up my first SaaS product.

Once it’s launched, I’ll make a video showing you guys exactly how I did it and how you can replicate it.

Now go make it happen!

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