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10 Crazy Effective Email Marketing Ideas to Boost your Small Business

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10 Crazy Effective Email Marketing Ideas to Boost your Small Business

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You may know that email marketing is powerfully effective, but coming up with email ideas can be difficult. So I have 10 email marketing ideas you can use to email your list.

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We will cover, the 10 email marketing ideas, best practices, email marketing tips and tricks, and how to get started.

In this video, you’ll learn:
✓ How to use a Newsletter
✓ Options for a Newsletter
✓ Small business newsletter examples
✓ How to use a welcome email sequence
✓ How an automated sequence works
✓ Automated sequence example for new subscribers
✓ Automated sequence ideas for new customers
✓ How to use a content calendar
✓ How to use customer cycles
✓ How to use seasonal email content
✓ How to build loyalty with email marketing
✓ How to use exclusive deals
✓ How to use contests in email
✓ How to send promotional emails
✓ How to create sales emails that work
✓ How to connect with email
✓ How to connect email and social media marketing
✓ How to get feedback with email marketing
✓ How to get reviews through email marketing
✓ How to get referrals with email
✓ How to promote your content via email
✓ How to use personalization in your email marketing campaigns
✓ How to build trust with emails
✓ Tips for email marketing beginners

If you have any questions about email marketing for small business – leave a comment!

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