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10 Things You Didn't Know About McDonald's McRib

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10 Things You Didn't Know About McDonald's McRib

Here’s a list of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About McDonald’s McRib. The McRib has a fascinating history, these are 10 secrets you didn’t know about the McDonald’s McRib.
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Ah, McRib. We meet again. The prima donna of the McD menu (on and off too many times since its first appearance in 1981 to keep count), McRib is the poor man’s pork rib and the most notoriously famous item, by far, on McD’s menu. Here now are some noteworthy facts about the Golden Arches’ elusive pork unicorn, barbeque sauce and all – the 10 things you didn’t know about McDonald’s McRib.

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0:28 The McRib doesn’t really have any… rib
1:49 Its chief ingredient? Meat Restructuring
3:02 Yoga Mats and the McRib have more in common than you’d think
4:44 Its supplier is infamous for animal cruelty
6:22 Food or Commodity?
7:53 The McRib – An Origin Story 
9:33 How is the McRib Really Made?
10:44 The Golden McRib – an Elusive Elusive McDelicacy
12:05 The Internet May Have Contributed to Its Return
13:08 McRib is as Scandalous as it is Seasonal

– The brainchild of Roger Mandigo and Rene Arend, the McRib – apart from its dollops of barbecue sauce and characteristic tangy taste – is also famous for the conspicuous absence of its chief ingredient.
– It is only at McDonald’s that the entrails of an animal become best friends with its ‘meatier’ portions, so to speak, in a mishmash of technology-enabled ‘meat restructuring’ held together by the glue of dozens of chemicals and food additives.
– Empowering yourself with nutritional information about an unhealthy product before you anyway make its purchase is very important, so consider yourself warned. The McRib’s 70 ingredients, include all sorts of things you can’t pronounce.
– Though the fast food giant is embroiled in numerous animal safety petitions across the globe, what stands out the most in the McRib’s dicey repertoire, in particular, is the case filed against its supplier, Smithfield Farms, in 2010.
– A constant media presence, ingenious and multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns, and nearly 40,000 restaurants across all seven continents, McDonald’s notorious celebrity status in pop culture and stock markets is undeniable.
– Created by the mastermind behind the world-famous Chicken McNugget, Rene Arend attributes his wily innovation of the McRib to its more popular brother., and so renowned was the delicacy that demand soon outstripped supply.
– Like most legendary food products of the 21st century (and the 20th, and the 19th for that matter), much of the McRib’s appeal is a result of industrialized food processing and ingenious marketing.
– In an effort to boost sales of the sandwich phantom, McDonald’s introduced the ‘Golden McRib’ contest in 2011. Available only on Facebook, the game encouraged enthusiastic McDonald’s patrons to wade through challenges and to find ten Golden McRibs virtually hidden in ten obscure McDonald’s locations across the globe.
– After being pulled off menus in 2005 following an eleven-year-long successful stint, the McRib was paraded in a ‘farewell tour’ by McDonald’s twice before a pattern had been created. Following this, the McRib has made ‘limited returns’ to locations across the globe too many times to count.
– The McRib is the shady Godfather of fast food legends. Its mystery and elusiveness intertwine in a saucy, tangy combo that makes mouths across the world either open in horror or salivate in anticipation.

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