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15 Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your SEO Efforts

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15 Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your SEO Efforts

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Are you starting to build your content marketing tech stack? Looking for the best content marketing tools to boost your SEO efforts? In this video, I’m about to share with you 15 of my favorite content marketing tools that you can start using today.

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0:00 – Introduction to 15 Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your SEO Efforts

1:04 – Keyword and topic research tools

Keywords Everywhere – they’re super cheap and easy to use. It takes just seconds to get set up and immediately you’re going to get things like the search volume and average CPCs for all sorts of long tail keywords.

Some alternatives to explore: Google Autocomplete, Keyword Planner, LSIGraph, as well as Keyword Surfer.

Answerthepublic – this is a powerful tool because they output all of the intent-based questions that are frequently asked on any topic or niche that you are researching.

BuzzSumo – I love these guys because they’ll let you see what has previously gone viral in your space so that you can get some inspiration for your own content pieces.

Keyworddit or QuestionDB – this tool searches through any Reddit for all the relevant phrases that commonly come up within any community.

Scraper plugin – it makes it super easy to scrape the people also ask section as well as the things that people also search for from just the default Google results.

WordCounter.net – it’s a great way for you to copy an article by your competitor or input the URL of your competitor and figure out how many words they wrote about that particular topic.

5:59 – Content writing tools

Hemingway Editor – it makes it super easy for you to see which sentences of yours are potentially way too complicated and could be simplified.

Grammarly – it allows you to catch some grammatical errors as well as typos that may have been not been picked up by the classic Microsoft word autocorrect.

Headline Analyzer by the Advanced Marketing Institute – it doesn’t require any registration and allows you to see how good your headline is.

8:33 – Graphic tools

Canva – with the free account, you can pretty much do anything you need when it comes to some basic design or marketing needs.

Pixabay and Unsplash – these two sites have some really high definition and quality stock images that don’t give off that traditional stocky feel.

10:14 – Organization tools

Notion – it is a full suite tool for productivity. It is like the combination of Trello, Asana, Airtable, and a ton of different productivity tools all in one.

Google Sheets – it has some great collaboration features. Also, it’s great for people that don’t want to necessarily introduce new tooling to their freelancers.

12:19 – Backend infrastructure

Zapier – allows you to talk between applications that you already use and allows you to set up triggers for each different core action that happens in one app to impact something in another app.

13:14 – All-in-one tool

SEMRush is my absolute favorite digital marketing tool. It’s an all in one solution and it also even goes as far as analyzes your content, when you copy and paste your content into their SEO content marketing toolkit.

15:14 – Two Big Takeaways to Remember:

1. Remember that there is always a free option. Don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money in order to do digital marketing effectively.

2. Don’t worry if the free tool you use today ultimately becomes paid. The reality is that there is simply too much money to be made in the digital marketing space for the 1% of users that ultimately pay for a tool.

Which of these new tools or websites are you most excited to check out and start using?

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