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2006 Boost Mobile TV Ad w/Travis Barker

by admin
2006 Boost Mobile TV Ad w/Travis Barker

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And Charlie Murphy on the voice narration…pretty cool…

If you enjoy, please consider subscribing. I also have a DM page under construction…

It would be a gift to me as I am celebrating my 2 copyright strikes expiring in Oct 2018 (thanks to Gary Larson/Far Side and Rodney Dangerfield’s widow.) Or check out my DM Channel, under construction…As always, THANKS to my KIND subscribers. I may not get to 1,000 subscribers, but it has been a fun ride…

Now, the disclaimer that everyone ignores and still places silly copyright claims…The material in this video is property of the producers and/or promoters and is used here pursuant to the FAIR USE provision of the DMCA as outlined in title 17, section 107 of the United States Code for entertainment and or educational purposes only and NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT is intended.”

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