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3 Actual Ways to Increase Email Open Rates | The Brand Marketing Podcast #TBMP

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3 Actual Ways to Increase Email Open Rates | The Brand Marketing Podcast #TBMP

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Hello people and welcome to today’s episode of The Brand Marketing Podcast and in this episode, we will be discussing simple tactics on how to increase email open rates of your marketing campaign. Now, as we all know that More people opening your emails is a good thing. Nothing I’m about to describe is rocket science, But here’s a thing: it’s hard to get subscriber’s attention to the email. But no more, I’ll be sharing with you 3 simple tactics you may apply to increase your open rates by almost 20%

So, let’s get started.

A Final Thought: Don’t Forget About the Content

Even when after using the discussed tactics, focus on what’s inside your emails to keep people coming back. The greatest subject lines in the world won’t result in stronger open email rates long-term if people are disappointed too often by the content they find within.

If you don’t have enough to say in a weekly newsletter, maybe it should only be done monthly. Make sure the stories inside are short and well-written.

So, I hope this episode was helpful to you and helped you with insights. Don’t forget to subscribe to get future updates right in your inbox. See you in the next episode

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