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3 Reasons Why Your Business MUST Have Video Marketing In 2020

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3 Reasons Why Your Business MUST Have Video Marketing In 2020

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Today we’re going to discuss three reasons why your business needs video marketing in 2020. So what makes video marketing so valuable? There’s never been a time in history in marketing when directly connecting with your audience has been so vital. So what can video marketing do for your brand?

Benefit number one, increase awareness and traffic. We like to say here at Viewership that the start of all online success is traffic.

For someone to buy your products, they must know who you are and visit your website. Creating video marketing campaigns gives you something that is an invaluable boost to your website’s traffic, and that’s a regular viewership. Here’s how we know this. The Aberdeen Group found that video marketers received a 54% increase in brand awareness. Social media today saw that four out of every five millennials search for video content when making a purchasing decision online. And Wyzowl found that of businesses using video, 76% said those videos have helped them increase traffic to their website.

That leads us to benefit number two, develop relationships with your customers. Did you know that, according to Google, 50% of 18 to 34-year-olds would stop whatever they’re doing to watch a video by their favorite creator? And what if that favorite creator was you? Right now, your target audience may be aware of you as a brand, but creating and building a valuable video marketing strategy takes you way beyond that.

Using videos, you can become an acquaintance or even a friend to your target audience and your customers. Video marketing creates a type of pseudo-celebrity for your brand, and this is worth millions in sales for your business. One study even found that 82% of customers have been motivated to take action simply because they watched a brand’s marketing video. Using internet celebrity, you can influence your audience to take action, make purchases, or form opinions.

And finally, benefit number three, video marketing helps you drive consistent sales. A video marketing study conducted by Wyzowl found these shocking statistics. 84% of consumers have been convinced to buy something after watching a branded video.
And on top of that, 81% of businesses using explainer videos said that these have directly led to increased sales.

The bottom line, if you want to get more sales, you must video content. Video content is only becoming more critical for brands today, whether large or small. It allows you to compete against your competition, build awareness for your brand, become a friend to your audience, and directly influence their purchase decisions. And if you’re ready to have that kind of power over your target audience, we are here to help. Head on over to viewership.com, and you can start hustling with us. We are ready when you are: /

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