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#36 – Highly Optimized with Ryan Sprague

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#36 – Highly Optimized with Ryan Sprague

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It is rare that you feel “honored” to meet someone and spend time with them. Perhaps you meet a role model or person you look up to. For me, my introduction to Ryan Sprague was a great honor. He has a kindness and grace that immediately endears him to you, combine that with an accepting demeanor and a truly world-class knowledge of his subject matter, and you’ve got yourself one HELL of a podcast guest!

Ryan is clearly a man with a mission. In his case, he spends his time helping others optimize their relationships with plant medicines as well as advocating for a more sustainable cultivation process. He realized that while many Americans now have legal access to cannabis, far too often they are misusing it in the same ways they had with alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. His brilliance is in recognizing all of the ways these substances can add depth and insight to your life while avoiding the pitfalls we often find ourselves falling into.

Regardless of if you use cannabis, my conversation with Ryan reveals so much about what it is to be a human being who must find balance even in the things we enjoy.

You can find Ryan on IG @threalryansprague
Or check out his programs at /
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