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4 Fast Hacks to Boost Sales for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

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4 Fast Hacks to Boost Sales for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

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Check out Printful holiday order deadlines ➡️

Left your holiday-marketing preparation till the last minute this year? ☃️ Don’t worry, you still have time to follow these four crucial steps to get your store holiday season ready!
🎈 Table of contents and resources mentioned:
Introduction 00:00

ONE: Check your order deadlines 00:34
Printful holiday order deadlines:

TWO: Focus on what works 01:26
Printful Mockup Generator:

THREE: Choose your marketing activity 02:14
1. Create a gift guide 02:50
How To Use Pinterest For Business:

2. Do a flash sale 03:21
3. Offer discounts 04:01
4. Promote free shipping 04:53

FOUR: Engage with your customers 05:38

BONUS: The bare minimum 06:17

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About this video:
Not every store owner can find the time to prepare for the holidays months ahead of time, especially if your business is a side hustle. For every late-to-the-party store owner, there are still a bunch of late-to-the-party customers who have not yet started their holiday shopping. In this video, we go through the four steps you need to take to get you ready for this holiday season in just a few days… or even hours.

First thing’s first, before you do anything else, check your order deadlines for partners and suppliers that you work with. These are the suggested dates by which your customers should place orders to receive them in time for the holidays. The deadlines can vary, depending on your suppliers and the holiday you are marketing for, so be sure to check in with your production partners.

You need to do this because you are going to plan all of your marketing and promotions around these key dates. All of your marketing activities have to take place before the order deadlines so your customers can enjoy your products during the holidays.

Incorporate deadlines in all of your marketing copy and add them to your social media profiles or cover photos.

Most of your customers will be expecting discounts this holiday season. Keeping that in mind, getting a good deal doesn’t always mean getting a discount—you can find your own way of making the customers feel festive, like offering customer loyalty points, a special secret live stream with you, or other cost-effective bonuses they might be interested in.

Here are some marketing activities that are easy to set up and good for last-minute sales: creating a gift guide, doing a flash sale, offering discount codes or coupons, promoting free shipping.

Once you’ve set up your marketing activities and prepared the visuals, get ready for at least a day of active communication. Be there for your customers to answer their questions, build loyalty by reaching out and thanking them for their purchases, comments, and reviews.

If you don’t have time to create gift guides, set up discounts, and design breathtaking visuals, just plan to be on social media when the big wave of holiday shoppers hits, post whatever content you do have, send at least one email, and remind your followers and customers that you are there and you have something to offer them.

What matters is that your customers find your store, and for that, any action you take is enough.
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