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4 Ways To Boost Your Business Reviews

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4 Ways To Boost Your Business Reviews

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4 Ways to Boost Your Reviews

Automate your feedback requests: Automation not only eliminates the pain that comes with sending requests, but it also ensures a steady consistent flow of reviews over time, as the request is triggered by transactions.

Use sms review requests in your plan: SMS review requests have an average open rate of 98%, making this a crucial tool in your belt for your experience based marketing plan.
The key to boosting your conversions from customers is to make the process of writing a review quick, simple and convenient.
Using a hyperlink directly in the text helps with that convenience.

Use the right platform for your business: We all search on Google, therefore, we need to have a presence with reviews on Google.
Google is the most popular review channel and the go to source for consumers seeking to find businesses.

Request feedback, not reviews: When requesting for reviews, it’s actually a better move to request for feedback.
Asking someone if you’ve earned the right to feedback from them, then requesting feedback using the links provided will help entice someone to leave a review with a comment on why.

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