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5 BRILLIANT Marketing Automations to Boost Lead Conversion

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5 BRILLIANT Marketing Automations to Boost Lead Conversion

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1:00 Don’t be overwhelmed by this process, I’m going to teach you exactly how to use marketing automation to turn leads into customers.

2:00 Different industries have different stages of complexity. You want to focus on using very solid branding in order to build trust with your target customers.

3:30 Audience trifecta is important to understand that you can never own 100% of a marketplace. Every audience has different segments that you want to speak to differently.

8:00 The first marketing automation is the welcome automation. This is where you warm up your target audience and introduce them to your company.

10:10 The second marketing automation you want to set up is the value sequence. In this automation, you focus specifically on adding value to your customers and asking for their feedback.

11:00 The third marketing automation is the segmentation automation. This allows you to personalize your communication with your customers in order to further familiarize them with your company.

13:00 The fourth marketing automation you want to focus on the 60% of the audience in the audience trifecta. I call this the long-term engagement automation to keep customers engaged and add value to their lives.

15:00 The fifth marketing automation to implement is to set up tracking on your website so you’re able to follow up with customers based on what they are exploring on your site.

19:30 If you want more inspiration for how to set up your marketing automation is to go to your competitor’s website and sign up for their email list, replicate what they’re doing. Go look at websites that you’ve purchased from. What did you like? What didn’t you like?

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