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5 Marketing Tips to Boost Website Traffic & Sales

by admin
5 Marketing Tips to Boost Website Traffic & Sales

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https://plus.google.com/+LeeNoringSEOAdvertisingAgencyWoodland/posts – Lee Noring for more information ph (916) 672-1132 – I have been helping local businesses like your to market their business online sense 1996. The subject of today’s video!

5 cost effective Internet Marketing Tips. Designed to help you the small business owner to market your product and services. I know you are a local business and do not want to wast money advertising to people who live out side your local market area.

The marketing tips covered in this video will help you learn how to target your marketing to people who live and shop in your local area.

I recommend you think about the high marketing value of YouTube videos.

The membership is Free and it is a great place up load videos about your business.

YouTube video search is the number 2 search engine right behind Google search. The number one search engine by far.

800 million different people search YouTube every month.

At any point in time YouTube active users can total up to one half all the people online.

Marketing your business with video can greatly increase new customer Awareness of the products and services your business provides.

Video plus Online Marketing equals. Measurable Marketing Impart. If set up properly. It is possible to track every single new phone call to your internet marketing.

One point five times the local brand recall.

20 percent more website traffic.

Five percent more search queries, That is the traffic from search engines.
Of people looking for what you have to sell. By using local targeted Marketing these people will live and shop in your local business area location.

Stake out your YouTube.com Channel. Pick a user name related to what you sell. When your user name matches what people search you will have a small search ranking advantage. Over your competition who use there business name.

Create a video that tells people something about your business. Your Expertise, how long you have been in business. Make it a point. To talk about how important it is to you. To all ways provide high value customer service.

Share your videos on your website and social member pages. Encourage people to post comments, likes and shares on your video’s.

Promote your videos to likely customers with low cost YouTube adds.

Check your video tracking to see who is watching your video’s, What they like. Then keep doing more of what is working and remember to test new marketing ideas too.

There is a lot to do to make your internet marketing effective.

We are happy to help you to get started. By answering your questions and sharing ideas.

Weather you are a paying customer or not. Give us a phone call at area code 916 672-1132 and make sure you ask Lee if he has any free Google Advertising Coupons left.

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