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5 Psychological Tricks Dunkin Uses To Sell 2.9B Donuts Every Year | Food Marketing Strategies

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5 Psychological Tricks Dunkin Uses To Sell 2.9B Donuts Every Year | Food Marketing Strategies

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Did you know that Dunkin Donuts sells 2.9 billion donuts every year? But this donut brand has also reinvented itself to be a coffee powerhouse – all thanks to the marketing tactics and psychological hacks they use to get customers to buy from them and love them. And that’s what I’m going to be revealing today on how Dunkin Donuts is able to do all that.

So if you’re interested in restaurant marketing strategies, restaurant marketing tips, food marketing tricks, food marketing strategies, marketing video, restaurant management, how to do marketing for a restaurant, digital marketing for a restaurant, dunkin donuts marketing strategy, or you’re part of restaurant management, then keep on watching!

5 Psychological Tricks Dunkin Uses To Sell 2.9B Donuts Every Year | Food Marketing Strategies

0:00 – Intro
00:50 – Leveling the playing field
1:50 – Hack #1: Psychology of colour
4:39 – Hack #2: Selling on habits
7:24 – Hack #3: Barnum Effect
10:14 – Hack #4: Sensory Appeal
15:10 – Hack #5: Gamification
17:36 – What’s next?

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