Home Advertising Boost 5 REASONS Why You NEED NURSES in Your MLM!! | Network Marketing Recruiting | *PARODY*

5 REASONS Why You NEED NURSES in Your MLM!! | Network Marketing Recruiting | *PARODY*

by admin
5 REASONS Why You NEED NURSES in Your MLM!! | Network Marketing Recruiting | *PARODY*

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I hope you enjoy this short video of the benefits MLM companies (and uplines) will seek #nurses out for increasing recruitment and sales.

P.s. in case you didn’t know, it’s a parody! I hope legit MLMs and people in MLMs don’t use my advice for their gain (hence the #antimlm watermark) I just see how nurses are using their title as an advantage to *take* advantage. Hopefully unknowingly!! My goal is to spread awareness to nurses and other healthcare professionals so that they can see how this is not a ‘good look’ on the profession or how MLMs are unethical and nurses are participating in them.
Thanks to my friend for the wigs!! (clearly I don’t know how to wear them well!)

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FTC Independent Statistical Analysis on success with MLM:

File a Complaint with Your Attorney General Against MLM (find your AG here):

The Case For and Against MLMs by John M. Taylor, MBA, PhD., Consumer Awareness Institute. Available on FTC website: %A0/00008-57281.pdf

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