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5 Secrets To Cracking $100k/month…

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5 Secrets To Cracking $100k/month…


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Taking your company from $20-30k all the way to $100,000 per month is hard and most people end up stagnating at that $30k mark. So today I am dedicating some time to teach you what I wish I knew to breakthrough and make $100k in my agency. It’s time you break free from the shackles of thinking small and struggling to make money from home!

What’s up everyone! Welcome to my official Youtube channel.

Here’s a bit of info on me…my name is Prab Mangat. At 22 years old, I am the founder of Generateagentleads.com, a consultancy in the real estate space. We’ve worked with over 1000+ agents and are currently working with over 600 clients. This business is on a multi-7 figure annual run rate and has been profitable since day 1.

We initially started off as a marketing agency, transitioned to consulting to serve more clients at scale. I would say that we’re really just in the business of making our customers more money and the coaching, software, ads are all just tools in this process.

Using our high level learnings from our consultancy, generateagentleads.com, the goal is to provide real time advice on what’s working and how to change your life.

I started this channel to share our vision, learnings and teachings for absolutely free to the marketplace. We want this to be a channel where you can come to and get real genuine advice from someone who makes money “actually doing it” and not “teaching how to do it.”

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