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5 Simple Ways On How to Boost Etsy Sales In 2022

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5 Simple Ways On How to Boost Etsy Sales In 2022

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5 Simple Ways On How to Boost Etsy Sales In 2022


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Are you struggling to figure out how to make daily sales on Etsy?
It’s a growing platform and with the right Etsy shop and product setup, it won’t be difficult at all to increase sales on Etsy!

Selling on Etsy can be very rewarding and this video is not only good to learn how to improve your Etsy shop for beginners and how to make sales on Etsy, but even those who have been selling for a while still constantly find ways on how to increase sales on Etsy.

Etsy sales are often influenced by reviews and social media. On other platforms, customers often go straight to them to browse or find what they are already looking for. On a platform like Etsy where most of the items are not essentials, it can be difficult for sellers to increase Etsy sales. That’s why it’s not enough to know how to sell on Etsy, it’s also important to learn how to boost Etsy sales, since it’s a platform that is often for wants over needs.

Get more Etsy sales by knowing the right ways to promote your products, because a lot of Etsy traffic is from social media! Once you learn how to get more sales on Etsy, it gives you so many opportunities!

In this video, I share with you 5 Etsy seller tips from a certified Etsy seller – me! Yes, I sell on more than just Amazon! I think it’s important that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We all know that on Amazon, sellers run into issues and suspensions without doing anything wrong!

In this video, first, I discuss about connecting your social media to your shop and the different kinds of social media that work best for this platform. Next, I shared how you can improve your product images, which will do a lot of the work in attracting buyers. If you take it a step further and have a decent number of positive reviews and probably set up ad campaigns, you’re well on your way to no longer questioning how to increase Etsy shop sales, because your efforts will do the trick!

Lastly, Etsy is like a very friendly community of passionate, artistic individuals. Make sure you provide great customer service to keep up the Etsy standard of a good experience.

Go to my channel and check out my other Etsy videos if you want to learn even more ways on how to start making daily sales on Etsy!


0:00 Intro and Video Agenda
0:29 Step #1: Connect Your Social Media Accounts with your Etsy Shop
0:44 Instagram and Facebook
1:38 Pinterest
2:14 Step #2: Create attractive product images
4:20 Support the Sourcing Monster channel
4:45 Step #3: Etsy Ads campaigns
5:44 Step #4: Get More Reviews
7:24 Step #5: Provide Excellent Customer Service
8:15 Closing Remarks


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