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5 Ways to Boost Your Video Marketing Game w/ Bryant Vander Weerd (Full Pour Media)

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5 Ways to Boost Your Video Marketing Game w/ Bryant Vander Weerd (Full Pour Media)

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It’s 2022 and if you’re not incorporating video content into your marketing strategy, you’re falling behind. Video content is by far the most shared and most engaged with content on the internet and an overwhelming majority of your customers want to see more videos from you. The market is becoming more and more saturated with beer and brewery content that all starts to look the same. It’s no longer sufficient to have “good beer good atmosphere” as your main selling points. People buy from you because they relate to you. Video content is the quickest and most effective way to reach them.

It’s a common misconception that video content has to be time consuming, expensive, and complicated. Social media, cell phones, and live streaming are changing all of that. Now there are a handful of cost-effective tools at your disposal that can help kickstart your video marketing strategy and set you up for success.

Your customers want to see more video content from you. We’ll help you give them what they want.

In this presentation we will explain why video is so important, why it should be the keystone of your marketing strategy, and some different ways to effectively use video to reach a wider audience and attract more people to your brewery.

Bryant Vander Weerd is the Founder and Creative Director of Full Pour Media, a creative agency that specializes in the craft beverage industry. Bryant has over 15 years of experience as a videographer and editor, spanning TV journalism to corporate America to craft beer. He has won 3 Emmy Awards for his work in video storytelling and Full Pour Media has won 6 CBMA “Crushie” awards for their video content.

Full Pour Media has clients and partnerships across the country and even the world. We have worked with the Brewers Association, Alfa Laval, WeldWerks Brewing, the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild, and many more. We continue to partner with craft breweries, suppliers, and supporting industries around the world to tell their brand stories through engaging video storytelling content.

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