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6 Core Business Functions of a SaaS Company And The Metrics To Measure

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6 Core Business Functions of a SaaS Company And The Metrics To Measure

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Wanna make sure your leadership team is focused and generating outcomes? In this video, I’m going to share with you the six core functions of a SaaS business and the key metrics that you need to measure.

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During Flowtown’s peak, I had twelve people reporting to me.

That was on top of my own workload that I was responsible for delivering on.

Talk about overwhelm.

I was inundating myself with reports/metrics/managers that didn’t necessarily serve the growth of the company.

Rule of thumb:

If you need your hands and toes to list all the people reporting to you, you’re doing it wrong.

When working with my clients inside SaaS Academy, I recommend that a founder has no more than seven people reporting to them.

That’s it.

This helps prevent “metric shock’ while still giving you instant visibility on the metrics that are vital for your growth — and holding the right people accountable to generate those outcomes.

In this week’s video, I lay out the six Core Business functions you need to have someone reporting on — as well as the key metrics that they need to obsess over.

At a high level, the core functions you need to have someone reporting on are:

1. Product
2. Engineering
3. Marketing
4. Sales
5. Customer Success
6. Ops & Finance

Of course, these are broad categories with hundreds of metrics you can track for each.

But after 20 years of building, investing in, and advising SaaS companies, I believe there are only a handful of metrics that are absolutely critical for the growth of your company.

Watch this week’s video to make sure you have a pulse on them.

Dan “saving you from spreadsheet hell” Martell

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