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7 effective ways to boost your hotel’s occupancy and revenue | Hotel Marketing

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7 effective ways to boost your hotel’s occupancy and revenue | Hotel Marketing

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7 effective ways to boost your hotel’s occupancy and revenue | Hotel Marketing
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7 Effective Ways to Boost Your Hotel’s Occupancy and Revenue

1. Leads
Leads are one of the crucial things needed before anyone can even start marketing a hotel. This is where it all starts and what makes things possible. So, where does one get leads? Who’s generating leads in this market? How does one find them? Waiting for the company’s inbox to fill and relying on that alone to generate leads is not going to cut it if increasing the property’s revenue is in mind. Moreover, it should not be just any leads. They must be sourced from the right places and using the right tools. Otherwise, it will be tough to get ahead in a very saturated market. The key thing to remember here is having more solid data in your hands increases the likelihood of increased occupancy and revenue for the business.

2. Script
With valuable leads available, the next thing to be considered is the business’ script. What kind of script should be used? Do the people answering phones know how to answer inquiries and what questions to ask before they transfer the calls?
Are they properly trained? Are they equipped with the right set of skills and questions that can convert phone calls to sales? High quality leads can mean nothing without a well-thought script to convince potential clients.

3. Contracting
In the event that a client finally says yes, setting up a contract should be laid out next. How does one go about drafting contracts? What are the essential elements that are a must in every contract? Are the correct terminologies and context used? Every angle and aspect of the agreement must be considered in drafting contracts. This is essential in protecting and ensuring both parties are going to meet their expectations from the deal. Before the contract is finalized, it is a must to have everything laid out clearly. Because in business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

4. Digital marketing
It is a tough task for businesses like hotels to keep up and prosper in extremely saturated areas. It is not easy to be competing with hundreds and hundreds of hotels. But having the right digital marketing approach can certainly make a big difference for any business. With internet marketing, SEO, marketing ads a business can gain more views and bookings by simply having a great presence online. A property’s amazing location, unique facilities and excellent service are good as nothing if the business does not come up in the first pages of search engines. Not having the right techniques and methods to increase online presence is as good as being invisible. And it is impossible to be competitive as long as the business remains unseen.

5. Good reviews
A business can have everything–all the best rates, unique features, perfect location–but remain behind the competition because of bad reviews. If an unfavorable review remains unresolved, the hotel is expected to keep getting more bad reviews. Some hotel owners use tricky techniques like buying fake reviews. But not only is this a bad idea, it is nothing but a band-aid solution. The key to avoiding bad reviews is providing favorable solutions to any negative feedback or complaint raised. It is best for property owners to monitor how customer service handles complaints at the front desk. Sending out mystery consumers is one way to assess how the hotel is doing.

6. Competitive rates
To stand out and be competitive enough, a hotel can not just give a measly 10% discount in contrast with the competitors’ tempting offers. Hotel owners must come up with an approach to give the best deals possible while maintaining profit margins. There can be bundle offers, or seasonal offers. Find out the most ingenious and most innovative ways that can add value to what you are currently offering.

7. Follow up
This is a job for the marketing team. How often are follow ups made? Is it being done enough? Are the right people being contacted? Are the offers interesting enough to entice undecided clients to convert this time? It is a good idea to have a list of clients that need following up. Equally important is having a group of marketing individuals who are armed with the right set of skills that can call those who are on the fence to finally jump in. There are actually thousands of ways to boost the overall performance of a property, but applying and focusing on these 7 alone, can already create a huge impact for any business. If you need help in finding ways to improve your hotel’s overall performance, Bezla can help.

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