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8 App Marketing Tips for Black Friday to Boost Sales | Idea Usher

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8 App Marketing Tips for Black Friday to Boost Sales | Idea Usher

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Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has become a tradition in the United States. The stores make a big push to sell as much stuff as possible on that day. From the point of view of “the world’s biggest retailer,” Black Friday is just the beginning of the holiday shopping season.
This video details how you can use Black Friday as an opportunity to increase your app’s sales and connect with new users.

In the app world, Black Friday is a big sales day. Apps do something special on Black Friday: they put their prices down to near-zero. Many apps have a “lite” version and an “ad-free” version. The lite version goes on sale for free, and the ad-free version sells for 99 cents or so (often much less).

Black Friday is an ideal time to promote an app. Why?
💰 It helps generate some revenue
💡It’s a great way to launch new products
⭐️ Advertising on Black Friday is cost-effective
⭐ More Websites Than Ever Are Going Mobile
📱 People are Shopping More on Mobile
✈️ Black Friday is a marketing opportunity

How to Market your app for Black Friday?
If you have been planning for this opportunity, you have to be careful about your marketing strategy. There are several things you should know before you start to organize your campaign.
0:23 Tip 1: Run app store ads
0:34 Tip 2: App store promotional texts
0:45 Tip 3: Social media promotions
0:56 Tip 4: Create a specific campaign for the holiday
1:03 Tip 5: Social media promotion before the actual date
1:14 Tip 6: Offer promo codes, rewards, and giveaways
1:24 Tip 7: Build campaign for all devices
1:33 Tip 8: Do in-app marketing

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