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8 Hotel marketing tips to boost direct bookings

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8 Hotel marketing tips to boost direct bookings

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Fundamentals for your hotels marketing efforts. Get these right and you well on your way to achieving boosted bookings and guest satisfaction.

In order for lodgings businesses to steer their own path towards growing direct bookings, knowing and engaging with guests are at the very foundation. We will explore this and more as we go through these 8 powerful marketing strategies for hotels.

My Tips & Timestamps:

1. Build an ideal guest persona avatar 00:25
2. Create a content strategy around your ideal guest 00:59
3. Meaningful engagement with guests throughout their experience 01:59
4. Get with email marketing 04:06
5. Focus on local SEO 04:43
6. Use landing pages instead of websites 07:01
7. Use your booking engine more 08:58
8. Build funnels 11:32

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