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A/B Testing Ads: Amazon Sales Boost with Advanced Test Analytics (+4 Free Tools for Amazon Sellers)

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A/B Testing Ads: Amazon Sales Boost with Advanced Test Analytics (+4 Free Tools for Amazon Sellers)

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Get your Amazon sales boost by (correctly!) A/B split testing your ads and listing components and avoid typical Analytics mistakes #placements
Make use of (mostly free) tools to help Amazon sellers test images & co before product launch, after it, and to benchmark your results!

A/B Split Testing Tools before Product Launch:

★ Faver & Swelly: Free A/B Testing tools
(search in Play or App Store)

★ PickFu: Instant, flexible & trustworthy A/B Testing
(50% Discount Code for 1st Poll: DDZIM)

A/B Testing Tools after Product Launch:

★ Listing Dojo: Includes 150 Free Campaigns

★ Splitly: Advanced A/B Split Testing with Listing Variants:

★ Time Split A/B Testing Ads (aka Amazon PPC Dayparting)





Determining TRUE a/b split test winner with Amazon Ads Placement report from Sponsored Brands ads.
…or tools that make analyzing placements a lot easier:

★ Pacvue, Downstream, intentwise, metoda, Quartile – see links above.

Amazon Advertising AI


That’s how you get your Amazon sales boost with split testing…but how long do you keep testing? Until your CTR is satisfactory (ie. at least as good, ideally better) in comparison to competitors!

Free Tools to benchmark CTR & Co after a/b testing on Amazon:

★ AMX500

★ Sellics Benchmarker

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Feel like you could need a step by step guide to Amazon Advertising from the beginning? Then I recommend having a look at that Amazon PPC Course for beginners & intermediates!


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I’m David and I’ve been consulting Amazon sellers & vendors since early 2016 when I was working for one of the leading Amazon PPC softwares in the market. This channel helps me live out my full Amazon PPC geekness. As a by-sponsored-product, it should also help you with your Amazon ads’ goals! I’m aiming to be the number 1 NEUTRAL source for Amazon Advertising know-how to help people sell more profitably on Amazon and increase their chances of surviving the Amazon journey – unfortunately I know of all too many sellers that had to give up, often enough because they did not use Amazon PPC effectively. Don’t be one of them and stick around to grow your business 🙂
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Nothing to see here, just throwing some amazon advertising keywords at youtube 😉

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