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“A better CRM” – Tony Bonanno (TALKING SALES 158)

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“A better CRM” – Tony Bonanno (TALKING SALES 158)

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“CRM can help a salesperson from walking into a trap” – Discussion with John Smibert.

There is a high rate of failure in CRM implementations. CRM failure means enormous sunk cost but more significant is the lost opportunity cost and the negative impact on our customer experience.

Yet even if our CRM is not considered a failure most implementations do not deliver the full promise. Our delivery of a high level of customer experience is negatively impacted. This means the lifeblood of our ongoing revenue and profitability is being throttled back.

So I asked behavioural change specialist, Tony Bonanno, what we need to do to make our CRM more effective.

He emphasised that the first thing that needs to be addressed is the company culture. The entire company has to be passionate about “The client comes first, nothing else matters.” and everybody in the organisation has to collaborate. Every person who touches that client has to record appropriately, in the right place, so that the right reports can be pulled out by anybody at any given moment so that the customer can be served precisely the way they need to be served for optimum effect.

He said most companies need an attitudinal shift to absolute customer centricity to deliver this. Tony went on to explain how they can achieve this change

Tony provided some advice that, if adopted, will drive sustainable customer satisfaction, sales and profit. View or read the interview below for the answer. Great discussion for business leaders, CEO’s and their leadership team.

Tony Bonanno is a thought leader in sales management, sales growth and behavioural change

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