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A Detailed REVIEW of WALKN APP: A New Move-2-Earn Hit?

by admin
A Detailed REVIEW of WALKN APP: A New Move-2-Earn Hit?

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WalkN is a new Move-to-Earn project that’s coming out soon. It will reward users with STEPS and WALKN tokens for running, jogging or walking. We review the game modes, types of sneakers and their attributes and the particulars of NFT minting and renting. Besides that, you’ll find out how users can earn with the app by running Solo or together with friends and what the team’s plans are for the future.

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👉 0:00 Introduction
👉 1:47 What is WalkN app?
👉 3:32 STEPS and WALKN tokens
👉 4:55 How to start
👉 6:24 Solo mode
👉 7:22 How tokens are earned in WALKN
👉 8:51 Limits of Energy
👉 9:38 Club mode
👉 10:53 Marathon Tournament mode
👉 11:28 Background mode
👉 13:15 Sneaker attributes
👉 14:48 Sneaker minting
👉 15:52 Why you need to repair sneakers
👉 16:32 Badges
👉 16:58 Renting
👉 17:44 Final words

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