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Activating Business Data Across Every Advertising Touchpoint

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Activating Business Data Across Every Advertising Touchpoint

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The business data you collect from your customers is one of the most valuable assets you own. In their Adobe SUMMIT 2019 breakout session, Michelle Chen and Adam Allamar show you how to take better control of your data and deliver the right message to the right customer, in the most effective channel by integrating Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Advertising Cloud. Get actionable tips on choosing the right dataset to activate your audience, understanding the right use cases for each dataset, and knowing how and when to use third-party data.

Learn more about using Adobe Experience Cloud to boost your ad strategy here:

Michelle Chen, Product Manager, Adobe Advertising Cloud , Adobe
Adam Allamar, Marketing Director, Head of Digital Acquisition, Barclays Bank US

Adobe Experience Cloud gives you the integrated tools you need to excel in cross-channel marketing, digital advertising, audience and data optimization, and more. Explore our capabilities here:


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