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Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost x Kanye West Fashion Review + Unboxing + on feet

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Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost x Kanye West Fashion Review + Unboxing + on feet

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“There are no plans for a restock of the #YEEZYBOOST 750. Stay tuned for information about the ‘350’ dropping soon…” is Adidas’s latest official public comment – 12 May 2015 11.25pm via @adidasoriginals twitter. So from this official tweet, as of 12th May you can only presume the 750’s are currently discontinued and will effectively be replaced by the 350’s? Or are Adidas incompetent at PR & communications? Time will tell!
These are the Adidas yeezy 750 boost which Kanye West designed in collaboration with Adidas. After their long awaited release date they are now on the 2nd drop. Yeezy is Kanye wests nickname & has been used to brand his footwear for sometime. And like the man himself they have divided opinion, some love them some really hate them. They are currently a limited edition but more will be produced and a first collaboration between artist Kanye west & sports brand Adidas – so let’s take a look at Kanye west the designer.

Kanye west is different things to different people both good and bad, both idolised & criticized, and featured in the press almost daily for he & his wife’s public appearance, and his celebrity persona is so outlandish, it is sometimes easy to overlook that behind all the unacceptable behaviour he is a platinum selling, chart topping music artist with multiple critically acclaimed solo albums. His talent for writing music is certainly matched and maybe eclipsed by his families talent for writing headlines. Over the years Kanye has collaborated on a lot of footwear both official & unofficial , with a number of different brands, there have been a lot bespoke one off designs for music tours and countless samples in colours never mass produced or even worn.

If you know exactly the current count on how many he has produced let everyone know in the comments below on YouTube because I would only be guessing. But his most renowned are with Nike, Louis Vuitton and now Adidas. As Kanye’s fame has grown the profile of his collaboration has too, Kanye west originally collaborated with Nike as far back as around 2006 to produce sneakers before his latest collaboration with Adidas but he says Nike refused to pay him royalties on the sales because he was not a professional athlete so that partnership ended even before the release of the final product release the Nike Air Yeezy 2 red October in 2014 and now he has partnered with Adidas to produce firstly the Adidas yeezy 750 boost and the Kanye West x Adidas Originals clothing collection, he has also publicly shunned Nike a lot.

If you showed someone these without the minimal branding and asked who designed & made them with no prior knowledge they would probably guess Maison Martin Margiela not Adidas.

I think the yezey are a great first launch it will be interesting to see what comes next.

I think Kanye West & Adidas have the potential to create amazing street wear, they could bridge the gap between sidewalk & catwalk. They look to be focused on high fashion with the clothing collection but their runway shows have gained few fans in the fashion world and reviews have been far from kind.

Check them out on feet – many people have said they would like a black version when reviewed on foot

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