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Advertising Boost Hotel Gift Cards

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Increase Sales w/ Free Incentives
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In this video I’ll show the truth behind the Advertising Boost Hotel Gift Cards. The Advertising Boost Hotel Gift Cards come in $100, $200 and $300 increments. Let’s see if these Advertising Boost Hotel Gift Cards really save money or is it all FLUFF!

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Benefits of Annual Plan in Advertising Boost
• 7-days free trial
• Advertising Boost- Unlimited Vacation Incentives ($6,997/yr Value)
• Ultimate Facebook Secrets – Fb Paid Ads training ($997 Value)
• Video Ads – Free Video Ad For Your Industry ($297 Value)
• Sales Funnels – Free Funnels & Landing Pages ($1,997/yr Value)
• Advertising Boost Facebook Community (PRICELESS…)
• Free Customization – Sales Funnel Customization ($997/yr Value) • Priority Support – Get Priority Tech Support ($497/yr Value)
• Marketing Boost Summit- Get Free Admission To The #1 Online Marketing Event In The World ($799 Value)
• Free BookVIP Plus Membership – Travel Agent Rates At 400K Hotels ($708 Value)
• Redemption Commissions- Earn huge commissions on all vacation activations
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising Boost)

1. So, What’s The Catch…? There is NO catch. Join Advertising Boost for only $49 per month. No other sign up or hidden fees.
2. Is There A Guarantee? Of course. 🙂 I guarantee that you’ll LOVE Advertising Boost, and if for some reason you decide later that you don’t want to be a member, then we’ll happily cancel your account without any penalties or fees. We don’t believe in any long-term contracts so you can come and go as you please.
3. Do my customers have to take a timeshare presentation? No, your customers will never be required to attend any sales or timeshare presentation. These are real, top quality Resorts with no hidden fees or strings attached.
4. How are you able to offer these incentives? Hotels and resorts are rarely full but they are always open and still have their fixed costs and always have unused rooms available. So they partner with marketing companies like us to help them fill up the otherwise empty rooms that they end up turning into additional revenue from other parts of their property like their in-house restaurants, the bar, room service, the spa or even an extra day stay. They’re actually doing it for some of the same reasons why you would be using our certificates, to increase their repeat and referral business.
5. Do my customers have to set their reservations and travel by the expiration date printed on the certificate? No, the expiration date pertains to activation of the vacation certificate only. Once your customer activates by paying the taxes and fees of a vacation certificate they will then have at least 18 months to travel. Example for our US resorts the activation fee is $19.45 per night and our Mexico offers is $19.70 per night.
6. How many vacations can I give away with my membership? As a member of Advertising boost, you can give away an unlimited number of vacation incentives.
7. Do the certificates have an expiration date? Yes, our digital certificates created will be assigned an expiration date 7 days out from the date you sent it. Please note that the expiration date shown on the digital certificates only pertains to the actual activation of the certificate. After your customers activate a vacation certificate, they will have at least 18 months to travel. To activate the guest simply needs to pay the daily taxes and fees that correspond to the certificate. They can activate by phone or online. 8. Can I offer these certificates to anyone from any country? No, currently there are several countries available including but not limited to, US, Canadian, Europe, Australia, Asia & Mexico.
9. What Do I Do Next? From here it’s just finalizing the details. Click on the link below and we can finally get started! Your account will be live ASAP! Get a Free 7 Day trial here:

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