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Advertising Boost Pricing | 2 Ways to Get It Free

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Advertising Boost Pricing | 2 Ways to Get It Free

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The Advertising Boost pricing scheme is pretty straight forward. You have two options when it comes to membership: the Silver Plan, which is has a monthly cost of $49, which comes out to $588 per year; or the Gold Plan, which has a $458 annual fee, which breaks down to $38.17 on a monthly basis.

You get a 7 day free trial regardless of which pricing plan you choose, but there are some important differences. With the Gold or annual plan, your Advertising Boost pricing is locked in forever, your get access to BookVIP Plus and you get the opportunity to earn a commission every time someone redeems a vacation certificate.

If you’d like to get Advertising Boost for free, there are now two ways to do that. First, you can become an affiliate and refer at least three people into the program at any level. Second, you can purchase the annual pricing plan and then give away a lot of certificates. Or, you could do both and get a nice additional income stream.

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