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Advertising Boost Review 2018 – A Real Inside Look From a Real Business Owner

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Advertising Boost Review 2018 – A Real Inside Look From a Real Business Owner

Advertising boost review 2018 – – Are you looking for information on advertising boost review 2018? If so, you will want to watch this video presented by Derek A. Smith a real business owner using advertising boost to grow his business everyday. He provides you a real life look inside the back room of advertising boost.

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NOTE: “Advertising Boost” was known as “Advertising Bait” and the name was changed after customer feedback, however the product and services have not changed and is the same business.

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Take your business to the next level and watch your sales EXPLODE as mine has by offering FREE vacations to your customers and clients. Every Business, no matter what type, can use an Advertising Boost!
This tool is an essential “must have tool” for all business owners!

Business owners can use FREE vacation incentives to drive more sales to their products and services

It is almost impossible for businesses and online marketers to give away high value items worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, unless it’s a big corporation with lots of money to spend.

Well Advertising Boost is THE Solution; you can give away FREE unlimited amounts of Holiday Vacations valued between $500-$1500.

You won’t believe the many ways you can use Advertising Boost to BOOST your sales.
If you are questioning the legitimacy of Advertising Boost let me put your mind at ease,
Advertising Boost is backed by one of the largest online travel agencies in North America, Book VIP, which annually turns over more than $200 Million in revenue, so you could not be in better hands than a world leader in travel destinations.

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Q. Who can benefit from using Advertising Boost?
A. Everyone! Any business no matter the product or service can benefit from using vacations as incentives.

Q. So how will this benefit YOUR business?
A. Giving away vacations valued up to $1500 will definitely give you the advantage over your competition. Consider this, a potential client is pondering whether to use a competitor’s product or service over yours and then BOOM, you offer them a FREE vacation. Who do you think will get the sale?

Q. How difficult is it to set up and give away the vacations to my customers?
A. Super-fast & easy! There are few ways to issue the vacations depending on your preferences, you can completely automate the process into your website or funnel using the Advertising Bait APIs, or you can simply log into the back office of Advertising Bait and enter your clients name and email and they will be issued the vacation.

Q. So how do my clients receive their FREE vacations?
A. Your clients will receive an email with a link to the vacation voucher, all they need to do is click the link and they will be taken to a webpage with the voucher details. The voucher is Valid for 18 months so there is plenty of time for them to make travel arrangements, they can confirm if they want to use the voucher by confirming online or use the toll-free phone number provided.

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Small businesses have explode in growth after implementing these offers into their business. But that’s not all!

Advertising Boost provide you with 24hr support and all the tools you need to succeed in implementing your FREE vacation giveaways into your business.

When you join you will get a GREAT Facebook Ad Video course that teaches you how to use FB to promote your offers.

You will also get Advertising banners with all the available vacations already branded on them, PLUS a Huge library of Vacation videos that you can download and use in your promotions, like I do every day in my real business.

If you want a custom video you can even get that by having their expert video editors personalize and brand a vacation video for you.

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There is also quick and easy integration into WordPress, Clickfunnels and Builderall and there is API and a Zapier API generator if you want to go that route.

When you start using Advertising Boost you can also join their private Facebook group where you can get help from real users like me so you can share your ideas and experiences.

And here is the BEST PART….it is CHEAP to use at only $49 per month
You can give away dinner vouchers up to $300 too!!!


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