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Alex Duval Review – Marketing Boost

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Alex Duval Review – Marketing Boost

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My name is Alex Duval,
Alex Duval I specialize in insurance marketing for the funeral, life insurance and also final expense would work best for me in my industry is in person.

I do a lot of health. There’s a lot of special events. Basically a lot of us in the insurance industry we depend on on leads to try to visit with clients and offer them one of our policies.

So that has always been our big is doubtful in terms of trying to get to the next customer. And so through marketing boost, we we have been able to do that for over a year now.

What I’m doing now is once we apply marketing boosting to into the system, now we start incentive’s referrals. That’s had been the the best way to get tons of leads in a more organic way for me.

So that for every 5 people or X amount of people that refers to a friend or a relative, that person has a chance to go to any of these destinations, whereas before it gets very costly.

Purchasing direct mail leads and if you’re not very savvy about technology when it comes to Facebook leads, you can find yourself in a very ugly situation when you’re spending your money on on people who are not interested in your services.

For some reason they answer the post and now you you’ve paid that fee and you’re down still with no no leads, no one to see. This is more fun. This has opened the doors to a lot of other opportunities, not only in the, you know, vacation give away, but also in other types of ideas of how to generate leads and more referrals.

Being part of this industry can be very chaotic. And if you’re not careful, it can be very costly.

It happened to me. And so he had a personal impact. That part I mean, that was right up the, you know, losing money, but also bankruptcy door. And so what happened is that I’m introduce to this great program and now it’s look where we are now. And the direct impact has been tremendous.

I always recommend people to who are not part of marketing boost to join, pay attention. A lot of the courses that are already available. Yes. It’s great to offer these incentives are great going to help your business grow. But those videos, those training videos have been excellent in my career.

They have educated me in things that I never thought I was capable of doing. But at the same time, it has increased my sales.

I just the first three weeks when I tried marketing boost, I made over fifteen thousand dollars. And without knowing what this product was really about. And in addition to that, how do you married, you know, funeral planning or life insurance or whatever your industry may be with this with this product. And then take it to where it makes you money. For the first time, I felt that I wasn’t doing something by myself.

I had such a different product that I had never been introduced before. Q You are there helping you along the way? That was a great help for me. Now if you’re looking at costs, whatever your budget is, because it’s obviously very affordable, work it into your budget, make that investment to go look at it as a expense, make it it’s an investment. And and once you’re on it, the game is on.

Make it happen.
Alex Duval

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