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Amazon EKS Anywhere Deep Dive – AWS Online Tech Talk

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Amazon EKS Anywhere Deep Dive – AWS Online Tech Talk


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Customers use Amazon EKS to run Kubernetes cluster in the cloud because of its performance, scale, reliability, and availability. However, some customers need to run their Kubernetes clusters on-premises due to data residency, latency, and regulatory requirements as well as the need to leverage existing infrastructure investment. Amazon EKS Anywhere helps simplify the creation and operation of on-premises Kubernetes clusters while providing Amazon-EKS-consistent cluster management tools, including integrated 3rd-party software, that are support by AWS, so that customers can reduce their support costs and avoid maintenance of redundant open-source and third-party tools. In this tech talk, we will provide a deep dive on the EKS Anywhere capabilities.

Learning Objectives:
* Understand the customer challenges EKS Anywhere solves for and key use cases.
* Learn how to install, operate, manage EKS Anywhere clusters and connect them to the EKS console through EKS Connector.
* Learn about resources to help get started with EKS Anywhere.

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