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AMD Adrenalin 2020 Edition Leak Shows Radeon BOOST and Integer Scaling!

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AMD Adrenalin 2020 Edition Leak Shows Radeon BOOST and Integer Scaling!

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Let’s get started with AMD! It looks like the company made a teeny tiny oopsie updating their drivers web page and drivers splash page before the release of the new version. In the current adrenalin 2019 drivers, you could see advertisements of the 2020 update with mentions of a brand new feature called Radeon boost. Now by the name you might think that this is a kind of overclocking feature but you would be wrong. Or at least I think you would because we don’t actually have any details about it.

One theory is that the feature comes from a company AMD acquired 3 years ago called Hi Ago. HiAlgo is the company behind AMD’s Radeon Chill technology which used to be called just Hi Ago chill. Very original. In its core, its a frame rate limiter which allows less stress on the GPU keeping it chiller.

So what is the tech behind Radeon Boost, well it might be the same thing behind Hi Ago boost, once again very original, which is essentially a frame by frame dynamic resolution scaler or DRS. This is something that’s been used in consoles for years and can be enabled in specific games on PC. so why would AMD add it now if some games already do it? Well, I’m guessing to make Dev’s work easier. Before Radeon chill was a thing, games also had frame rate limiters so yeah.

The second thing that was shown on AMD’s website is a feature that was the most requested on their community page, Integer scaling. In case you’re wondering, integer scaling is basically a pixel-perfect upscaler. This allows for games to look better when playing at a lower resolution, for example, if I play a game on my 4k monitor but at 1080p, it is blurry even though its supposed to scale perfectly. This is because most scalers use bilinear or bicubic scaling which introduces blur.

Even though the tech is already available with intel and NVidia GPUs, it is severely limited in what hardware can use it. For intel, its cpu’s equipped with gen12 graphics which only launched this fall, and for Nvidia its only 16 and 20 series GPUs both of which have released in the last year or so. On the other hand, and AMD needs a round of applause here, integer scaling will be available on pretty much any GPU’s made by the company. Anything from a Radeon HD 7700 and newer GPUs, and on Ryzen 2000 and up apu’s. The 7700 was released back in 2012. That’s what you call AMD Finewine technology.

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