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AMD’s Greed: R5 5500 CPU vs. Intel i3-12100F | CPU Review & Benchmarks

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AMD’s Greed: R5 5500 CPU vs. Intel i3-12100F | CPU Review & Benchmarks

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The AMD Ryzen 5 5500 CPU is too little, too late, launching about a year after when it should have. The R5 5500 can’t compete with Intel’s much cheaper i3-12100F in benchmarks.
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This review of the AMD R5 5500 CPU tests it versus the new R5 5600, the 5600X, older CPUs like the R7 2700X, the R5 3600, and newer components, like the i3-12100F. Intel’s i3-12100F in particular gives AMD a serious challenge, especially since it’s cheaper even as the non-F (i3-12100) variant, which has an IGP included. The IGP isn’t particularly useful for gaming, but is a value-add for quicksync and troubleshooting. AMD also has its new Ryzen 5 4500, which we’re working on, and Ryzen 7 5700X (also working on).

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Our review of the Intel i3-12100F can be found here: />And if you missed our recent AMD Ryzen 5 5600 review, you can find it here: />

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00:00 – AMD R5 5500 Review
02:25 – New AMD CPU Specs (R5 5600, R5 5500)
04:18 – Ryzen 5 5500 Frequency Validation
05:27 – Rainbow Six Siege Best CPUs of 2022
07:12 – Cyberpunk 2077 R5 5500 vs. i3-12100F
07:51 – F1 2021 AMD R5 5500 Benchmarks
08:50 – CSGO Budget CPU Benchmarks
10:18 – Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Gaming CPUs
10:48 – Far Cry 6 AMD vs. Intel Benchmarks
11:18 – Blender Cycles CPU Rendering
12:05 – Adobe Premiere CPU Benchmarks
12:31 – Adobe Photoshop Best CPUs
12:49 – Chromium Code Compile CPU Benchmarks
13:23 – 7-Zip Compression & Decompression
14:06 – R5 5500 Power Consumption
15:06 – Conclusion

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