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Are Free SaaS Trials Worth It?

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Are Free SaaS Trials Worth It?


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Ahva Sadeghi CEO of Symba.io was asked what were the things she wished she would have known before starting her SaaS company. The first thing she talked about was offering free trials to clients. Listen/Watch to hear her thoughts.

Ahva is a passionate social entrepreneur and co-founder of Symba, a venture-backed and women founded tech startup addressing the future of work. Ahva is an economist and researcher focused on remote work and workforce development. Prior to launching Symba, Ahva worked at the US Department of State in the Human Rights Bureau and completed a civil rights fellowship with Congressman John Lewis in Atlanta. She is a member of the Forbes HR Council, was recently named Forbes 30 Under 30 and a Global Entrepreneur Scholar by the US Department of State.



Topics and links covered in the podcast include:

Forbes 30 under 30
Zero Based Thinking
When do you need a CRO Chief Revenue Officer
Internships and Apprenticeships
Customer Success when do you need to have it at a young company. Clients log into Symba.io 6x a day
BLS impact on internships and unemployment rate
Cost Per Hire
The longer you are at a company you are thought of as complacent and not loyal
DE&I Efforts
How long does it take to recoup your investment on an intern?
Ambassador Programs
Saas Ideas

Recommendations on how to convert Intern to FTE
Saas Sales
Saas Startup
Saas Marketing

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