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ATM4 with RS Boost Method Webinar and Demo

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ATM4 with RS Boost Method Webinar and Demo

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Adaptive Trade Management – ATM4 with the ALL NEW RS Boost Method. Learn How ATM4 Can Dramatically Enhance Your Trading Results. ATM adapts to changing market conditions to trade the right Strategies, on the Right Symbols at the right time. And now, with ATM4, we have taken the original concept to a new level of performance. ATM4 includes Dynamic Lists and the all new RS Boost Method based on Ed Down’s wildly successful Rocket Trade Method utilizing relative strength.

0:00 Ed’s Welcome
1:44 Introduction
2:45 ATM History
6:50 What is ATM
13:45 ATM2 Custom Lists & Concurrent States
17:39 ATM3 Walk-Forward Analysis / ATM Library
22:28 ATM4 Dynamic Scans / Historical and Right Edge!
26:03 ATM4 with ATM RS Boost Method Intro
29:12 The Concept
30:00 ATM RS Boost Market States
30:36 Steady Gainers Market State
31:50 NASDAQ 100 Market State
33:05 High Flyers Market State
36:45 Determining the Trades
38:19 2020 Results
39:55 Easy to Trade
42:06 Ed’s Wrap Up
46:57 Getting Started with ATM4
49:12 Q&A

ATM4 w/RS Boost Available now for OmniTrader –

The ATM4 Webinar Includes:
• How ATM adapts to changing markets to Increase Returns and Reduce Risk
• About the profit-enhancing features that have gone into each release of ATM, including ATM4
• How RS Boost profits from the use of Relative Strength and ATM4

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