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Behind the Scenes of our 7 Figure HighLevel SaaS

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Behind the Scenes of our 7 Figure HighLevel SaaS


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We’re going behind the scenes of our 7 Figure SaaS funnel. That’s right; I’m pulling back the curtains to show you everything from awareness to retention in our funnel. Step by step, I’m going to walk you through the journey of our HighLevel sales funnel to show you how we get them to book, why we don’t use a self-scheduling service and what we do for no-shows… all in an automated funnel. Let’s go!

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🕒 Explore by Chapter 🕒
00:00 Introduction
01:43 Phase One
01:50 Phase Two
03:18 Phase Three
03:54 Phase Four
04:30 Phase Five
05:44 Phase Six
08:40 Our Funnels
09:30 The Demo Call

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