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Berocca Boost – Actionable Audio Ad

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Berocca Boost – Actionable Audio Ad

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Berocca Boost has become the first FMCG brand globally to adopt innovative ‘actionable audio ads’. Consumers listening to Global radio stations via their Amazon Alexa smart speaker can interact directly with the audio ad and buy the vitamin and energy vitamin using a simple voice command.
This industry-first concept, developed by Bayer’s agency teams, was brought to life by award-winning voice technology company, Say It Now, with dynamic audio ads supplied by A Million Ads. This landmark campaign marks the first time that Amazon’s patented Alexa voice has been used by a brand and fully integrated into a campaign. People can respond immediately to an ad that asks them to ‘Open Berocca Boost’ either by verbally requesting more information about the product, or by purchasing directly through a voice command.
The personal and connected nature of smart speakers enables ads to be carefully targeted, while contextual data such as the time of day, day of the week and weather further hone relevance and accuracy. Transactions are frictionless while end-to-end attribution data allows the direct effect of ad spend on user engagement to be measured.


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