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Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2022 and How to Choose Them

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Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2022 and How to Choose Them

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In this video, Dvir Cohen Ez-Commerce will show you step-by-step on how to find out what to sell on Amazon for 2022 and 2023.

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➤ 00:00 Session introduction
➤ 00:29 Sponsors of the video
➤ 02:29 About Dvir Cohen and Ez-Commerce
➤ 03:48 Overview of the presentation
➤ 04:21 How is Amazon different in 2022?
➤ 09:17 How to choose a product to sell?
➤ 13:43 Seller Type 1
➤ 22:26 Seller Type 2
➤ 24:41 Seller Type 3
➤ 26:23 What seller criteria needs to be met?
➤ 38:56 Notes to consider
➤ 43:17 Dvir Cohen’s VIP session summary
➤ 45:47 Is this only for FBA private label sellers?
➤ 46:04 Does the product price matter?
➤ 49:35 A small variation can make a big difference
➤ 51:17 Starting a new brand or adding products to an existing one?
➤ 52:07 What campaign is recommended for product launch?
➤ 53:19 Dvir Cohen’s Klik Box Summit presentation
➤ 53:37 Bringing products to Amazon
➤ 54:26 Ad placement and bid strategy
➤ 55:05 Does this work for the US market only?
➤ 56:05 Giveaway preferred over PPC during launch?
➤ 56:45 Best strategy to launch a new product
➤ 58:40 What if there are more lots of sellers?
➤ 59:22 Should beginners start off with a private label?
➤ 01:00:07 Should you use ad alternatives outside of Amazon?
➤ 01:01:43 How to know what to bring from Amazon to Etsy?
➤ 01:03:11 Which ads get the best results?
➤ 01:04:00 Best emerging markets for new product launches
➤ 01:04:54 Quantity of pieces advised to sell when just starting
➤ 01:07:06 How to bring new customers from external sites?
➤ 01:08:56 Dvir Cohen’s contact

Dvir Cohen, One of ez-commerce CEOs, started his journey with a computer science degree from Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheva. After being a computer geek as a kid and working in a few hi-tech companies, he wrote a few Kindle Amazon e-books and learned the power of e-commerce. Dvir developed his own private label brands, which sell in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia. With a lot of experience in the computer world and a great and unique perspective on “customer behavior”, his thinking-out-of-the-box can be shown on his unique products and ez-commerce clients’ products.

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